Winter (still!) in the vineyard

Yes, it is still winter here at Colter’s Creek. Typically, we are bathing in 50+ sunny days in March. Today it snowed. What does this mean for the vines? After a tough winter, it means the vines are longing for sun and heat. We have a little vine damage from the bitter cold this winter, but not much. However, the vines need average temperatures of 50 degrees to wake up and come out of dormancy, and that’s not happening. We see little to no water pushing in cut vines, which signals that the vines are still hibernating (considering the past 3 months, who could blame them?). Right now we are predicting a late bud break and a shorter growing season than normal.

Most of our grape sources from the Snake River Valley took it hard this winter and we expect little to no crop from our suppliers. Similar occurrences were experienced throughout the Northwest. Needless to say, it’s going to be a unique vintage. Crop yields are expected to be low. We are banking on a nice, toasty summer to bring fruit to full ripeness. If we can’t have the yields, at least we can have the quality? Stay tuned for more updates and photos as the vines start waking up!

Harvest is here!

September 1st marked the first day of harvest here at Colter’s Creek this year. Our Spencer Block Chardonnay was the first to come off, and we have been busy picking and processing grapes since.  To date we have had several great groups out to pick, and currently have over 50 tons bubbling away in the winery.  If you are interested in helping pick but haven’t signed up yet, please contact Mike at [email protected] to join in on the picking fun!

The P1FCU Relay for Life team picking Cinsault.
Unloading 20 tons from the Snake River Valley.