In 2007, our love of Earth & Wine led to us to purchase an abandoned vineyard in Juliaetta, Idaho.

We have since focused on the expansion and maturation of Colter’s Creek Estate Vineyards. Nestled along the Potlatch and Clearwater Rivers, our vines are carefully maintained to produce outstanding fruit.

Melissa studied wine chemistry and sensory science in graduate school at Washington State University and now applies it to winemaking.  Mike, a University of Idaho alum and a self-proclaimed “engineering geek," enjoys designing both winery and vineyard systems, as well as developing interesting cuisine in our restaurant.



Craft high-quality estate wines and wines showcasing fruit from the Lewis-Clark Valley and Snake River Valley AVAs.

Produce 100% of our wine – we do not buy bulk wine.

Practice sustainable and responsible farming and manufacturing methods, and to preserve the land for future generations of all living things.

Create jobs, boost the local economy, and make our community an even better place to live.

Cheers! Mike & Melissa


Tracing of John Colter's carved signature.
Tracing of John Colter's carved signature.

Colter’s Creek, the small river that flows past our vines, was named by Lewis and Clark to honor John Colter, a reliable tracker and trusted member of their expedition. Colter went on to become a true mountain man and an enduring American legend.

His is most renowned for a single epic story of survival. While trapping along the Missouri River, John Colter was met by a band of Blackfeet warriors, stripped naked, and forced to flee for his life. After seeking refuge from his trackers under a beaver dam, surviving on breadroot alone, and spending 7 days naked in the blistering sun, Colter arrived at Lisa’s Fort some 300 miles later. He had endured the unimaginable, and his legend lives on today.